A post just for Mr Hartley

A quick one for tonight, I’m tired, haven’t stopped all day having moved the entire house around in terms of living areas but I did suddenly remember this post that somehow got onto the subject of energy saving light bulbs in the comments thread and David Hartley’s problem with locating energy efficient spotlights.

So this is a quick bit of public information for anyone such as myself who have tried hunting down energy efficient spotlight bulbs, in my case the GU10 fitting but others are available too.

Dave, there’s a place just up the road from me in Willenhall in Somerford Place next door to the snooker hall. It’s a little trade counter electrical shop and they sell them. £4.45 each plus VAT, a bit pricier but should pay back in terms of saved electricity and longevity. They’re called City Electrical Factors Ltd btw, if you know how, just Google them on Google Maps and it’ll show you where they are.

Closing the blog down…

Well, regular visitors might have got that impression of late due to the distinct lack of activity. It’s true with all the myriad of other things I’ve had to do lately that I’ve let the blog slide a bit. For some strange reason I’ve been particularly busy this last fortnight or so, someone would think there’s a General Election on or something but there you go, the demands on me from the wider world have dragged me away from the blog.

That said, I’ll try to get a quick post in now and cover a few things I haven’t got round to, some of which I really meant to write about over six months ago, such is life, other distractions always get in the way.

The case of the amazing disappearing blogs

I’ve had a rather stressful week which has meant I’ve hardly got round to reading anything remotely blog related until Friday morning but as I was going out I didn’t have any time to comment so I’ll simply be making up the numbers so to speak in putting my two-pennies-worth on the whole.

It’s good to see that despite there being many different, often opposing views from bloggers that make up online discourse that most have rallied round to support Tim over at Bloggerheads on this one.

Sadly two of my daily (excepting this week of course) reads, Tim and Bob’s are off the air because of the action of this Mr Usmanov geezer.

On the matter itself I can only really think of three perspectives.

It is sad to see that in 21st Century Britain, that it’s money that talks. The ability to pay for the services of a top lawyers firm speaks more and holds more sway than what should be the essence of democracy, that of free speech.

The second is that when Gordon Brown became Premier, it was quite clear that work on constitutional issues would become an issue that is worked on. He has already muted the idea of a British Bill of Rights and ironically, such an example as this exposes the weaknesses in our current arrangement. Perhaps, just perhaps this having happened now, highlighting the inequities of our present law regarding free speech that it may stir up enough support to bring about some real change.

Finally and this is probably the most ironic part of the whole affair. Mr Usmanov has sought to use his vast wealth to gag someone through legal means in an attempt to prevent the expression of views questioning his past. In thus doing he has not only failed because he doesn’t understand the medium nor the culture of those who partake in blogging, he’s confirmed that yes, he is indeed a complete and utter arsehole of the highest order and pretty much has shot himself in the foot by his actions. The muppet, and it’s obviously not only me who thinks that way. (List via Chicken Yoghurt)

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Notes and clarifications

I’ve been away for the last fortnight on holiday. Although not guaranteed, it was highly likely that we would be out of net connectivity at least for part or the whole time. This in the end turned out to be the whole fortnight so although I haven’t had oodles of time to pen thoughtful pieces for publication, I did have the odd half hour here or there to sit down with the knackered old laptop and write a few articles.

These articles have now been published in roughly the chronological order that they were written in and as noted in each article, I have changed the timestamp to reflect when it was written. As the pieces are not of a particularly time related importance I’m sure no one will have a problem with that and I’m being completely honest about the fact and not in anyway trying to alter timestamps to pretend that I’ve got a scoop ten minutes before Sky or the Beeb as I’m sure no political blogger would ever stoop so low as to do that.

Some of the articles relate to things I’d meant to write about before I left but didn’t get round to and given that I’ve had no net access and will probably be too lazy when I get back, there won’t be any hyperlinks to various references like usual. This has been very interesting given that I would normally be quite fastidious about references but for these articles from the last two weeks.

A week is a long time in politics

Couldn’t resist using that title as time seems to have slipped by so fast that a week has passed (almost) since I last posted something.

There is of course a very good excuse for my dereliction of duty where my blog is concerned, I’ve been horribly busy so I thought it best to do a bit of a round-up of things.

Last Friday I did a radio show o Wolverhampton Community Radio. It was the first in a series run by Matthew Revell who also appears to be very busy as he hasn’t blogged in nearly a week either but I can understand with all the radio show thing. Matthew’s a Tory but he doesn’t seem that bad apart from a strange propensity to get digs in about the BBC whenever he can. I have no idea why but we’ll see if anything drops into Friday night’s show. (Only kidding to Matthew).

The show went well apart from a few hiccups and lost bits and bobs but hey, it was the first ever show so you’re always going to expect a few of those. Turned out quite well humoured and certainly none of the yar-boo discourse that one gets at PMQ’s. Personally I like quite in-depth discussion but we managed to get round a fair number of issues in the hour we had and apart from having to get rather cosy with Paul Uppal due to there only being one microphone working at the start I quite enjoyed it.

On to why I haven’t been blogging ala Saturday onwards. Well, it’s the weather. I think it’s fair to say that this Summer, whatever one might call it has been abysmal. I am trying to remember a period of three days going by without it raining but simply can’t for the last few months and not even contemplating that any break in the rain has been sunny.

This has posed a real problem for me as I’ve had a number of jobs/projects lined up for this year of which only one has been completed (painting the door to the passageway). Renovating the windows hasn’t been completed, digging that big hole in the back garden hasn’t been completed, painting the house hasn’t been completed or any of the other stuff that requires a good few days of sunshine for things to dry out.

So without hesitation I’ve been taking advantage of the almost uninterrupted sun since Saturday (yes, it did rain a little early Sunday morning) but apart from that I’ve actually managed to at least start on a few things with the hope it stays dry or at least dryer for a while so I can complete them. I have no illusions that all the jobs I’d planned will be completed this year because they won’t, save for a very late ‘Summer’ extending into October but you never know.

I’m going to go off on a few little tangents so bear with me.

David Cameron. I’m not going to say anything about the problems he’s been having lately, there’s enough coverage of that and I don’t have anything insightful to add to the discourse but what has happened to tabloid headline writers these days? Come on, “It never rains but it pours for Cameron” was just begging to be pulled out but nope, didn’t spot it anywhere. (happy to be proven wrong).

Does anyone know where I can get a downpipe diverter? There’s plenty online but I’d like to have a look at one first. For information, these are connectors that can be fitted to a downpipe that can divert rainfall away to a separate source. I’ve also noticed that most seem to divert to a pipe about the same diameter as a hosepipe and I wanted one a bit more substantial but might have to compromise if I can’t find one.

I’ve been working on a lot of techie relating things as well in the evenings when I’m not in the garden. I mentioned before that the old Laptop PIII, 128Mb RAM was struggling with Windows and I wanted to put Linux on it. More specifically Xubuntu which is a stripped down version of Ubuntu running the X desktop for lets say, more senior citizen computers. I could never get it to boot with the disc which annoyed me considerably. However on a whim I installed DSL (Damn Small Linux) which I’ve known about for ages but never seemed to get round to experimenting with. It is great for older machines. After I’d installed the system, as opposed to running it from a LiveCD it was faster than the other two, considerably better spec computers in the house. A bit fiddly at times to get things working but on the whole a nice distribution in particular the ability to put it on a USB memory stick and with newer machines being able to boot from USB, giving you the possibility of carrying around your whole operating system on a keyring.

I did however feel like having one last go at Xubuntu and for some strange reason, since I stripped Windows XP off the machine it booted fine and installed with no problems at all so the little lappy now has Xubuntu on, which keeps Mrs Penguin happy as it’s easier to use than DSL.

I think that pretty much brings things up-to-date. Obviously the Summer recess period has struck, politics in general has shifted to downtime and I’ll probably be doing likewise so unless something really interesting pops up between now and September I’ll probably be doing a few more personal/light-hearted postings.

A bit of reflection

Last week I broke this story. It was nice that within the space of two an a half hours it was the breaking news on the BBC Newsnight programme, gave me a little bit of warm self contented feeling inside.

It is however curious when one considers the interaction between the mainstream media and those of us in the blogging world. I can’t claim to have read every paper or followed every broadcast but as far as I can tell, the only mainstream media organisation that actually attributed the story to me was the New Statesman.

I’ll admit to not being regular reader of that publication but fair enough to them that their online edition posted a link, for which my referral states have been going quite mad for the last 48 hours or so. Easily outranking any other referrer including Google searches which almost always dominates (usually with some strange search terms I might add) but it’s been nice to have been acknowledged so a hat tip goes out to the New Statesman tonight.

Ian Payne is a nob-head (contains mild profanity)

Just needed to get that off my chest. Anyone unsure of who I mean should take a look through the comments section on the stories from the Express & Star newspaper ahem. He’s one of those perennial letter writer types who has a view on absolutely everything and believes that everyone is truly interested in what he has to say. Sadly it seems that after years of boring us stupid with his inane letters to the paper moaning about absolutely everything and how awful society has become and it would be all better if we re-introduced the birch and death penalty, he’s discovered the old interwebnet and as the Express & Star has organised their site like a blog, (it is built on WordPress after all) he seems to spend a rather lot of time hanging around there.

So just for the record, I couldn’t give a toss whether you grandfather or great grandfather was once Mayor of West Bromwich, you’re a twat.

Site update

Just to let you know as the whole Deputy Leadership is over, that’s led to the removal of the polls and the lovely little picture of Gordon and Jon in the left-hand sidebar. Things are looking blank, me thinks I should come up with something to occupy this space. Perhaps a poll about my favourite politician David Cameron would go down well? Ah, I can see the potental options already.