How to help the BNP, by Trevor Phillips

I’ll start by saying that I used to have a lot of respect for Trevor Phillips, but following his statement yesterday in conjunction with a number of other bits of crap he has come out with since becoming Chair of the CRE I’ve come to the conclusion he neither lives in the real world or is fit to be a spokesman for any organisation on the issue of race relations.
I’m concentrating on his comments reported by the BBC that we need to combat the far-right and the BNP. Up to this point I agree. However, one of his strategies to achieve this is to encourage the use of positive discrimination by local authorities to purely shortlist non-white candidates for job interviews. He also claims that a vast amount of talent has been wasted because black and asian people haven’t got certain jobs in local authorities.
Now just two things wrong here. Might I point out that to exclude white people from shortlists is to negate the fact that they may just be more talented and better qualified than the asian and black candidates. So from losing the talents of some people, we now progress to a situation where we lose the talents of others purely on the basis of race. Strangely enough, I thought that was racial discrimination. Interview processes for jobs in local government should be as in all fields of work, that the person best qualified, suitable and talented for the job should get it irrepective of their race, colour or crede.
However, what really annoyed me about this idea is that he in some way thinks this is going help combat the BNP. On the contrary, and might I say as someone who has spent rather a large proportion of his time combatting and making sure these bastards don’t get into power that he has single handedly just given them another years worth of ammunition. You see, if I was a BNP activist, I’d be straight to the printing press sorting out leaflets picturing the local town hall with a big sign over it saying ‘no whites here’. It doesn’t matter if this is never going to be a policy, but by even coming up with such crap he has given the BNP another stick to beat those of us who do truly believe in a free and equal society where there should be no distinction perceived or otherwise relating to the colour of our skin.
So a message for Mr Phillips, do the world and us poor sods on the ground trying to combat the far-right a favour. Piss off and keep your gob shut.

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  1. agreed, completely. having been present at several speeches the man has given, as well as having a general awareness of his work, I’m far from impressed. am I the only one who thinks that someone like Ted Cantle would have been a much better head of the CRE than Phillips?

  2. So what about native British the real British who have been here for generations and generations, who have fought and died for this country. Our communities and our way of life are being transformed and our culture destroyed by mass immigration.
    Multi-culturalism has been historically proven to destroy civilizations, i believe if current trends continue we are heading for a total social collapse of our country, the early signs are already there.
    Why are you always so anti BNP? They are a good party and Griffin is a good man. I think i will vote for them next time.
    I know you wont publish this anyway, the left only like to hear one side of the story.

  3. There you go Mr Holloway, calling your bluff. Yes, you haven’t fallen into the category of complete outright abuse so your comment gets approved. As for the content, well just for you I’ll do a whole post dedicated to your utterances. When I get the time.

  4. It is not before time that the BNP is now getting more popular with patriotic Englishmen. Critics should read their manifesto, it is music to the ear of those of us who want to see our way of life, culture and independence preserved. Many of us do not want a multicultural, multiethnic, multiracial England. Why should we? We were never asked or consulted in any way. Same goes for Europe, capital punishment etc etc. No consultation in any shape or form. Politicians are supposed to be the servants, not the masters. Democracy in the UK, it’s a joke! Let’s see some tough government that puts the English first in our own land!

  5. Democratic country – dont make me laugh ,All anti bnp fools need wake up and will, it just takes longer for stupid people to realise .BNP are a legal and legitimate party with a leader who is a good patriotic man ,Most other members of the system should take a leaf out of his book ,they after all in the main are not fit to lick his boots.Keep scratching the BNP and do not be surprised when it bites you back ,and it will.

  6. @Budgie. Hey, we get a ‘you lot are all stupid’ (from someone who clearly has a problem with the use of the English language and not much understanding of punctuation either) and a threat for the future as well, all rolled into one.
    Well done. Another thick as pigshit BNP supporter then.

  7. Political Penguin So, you are a self righteous bastard. I really do believe you need to wake up. Angela Merkel stood up in German parliament some months ago and said that at the current rate Germany would be Islamified within 20 yes 20 – NOT 50! And so will we due to successive governments working to the same hidden agenda that is set to remove our British identity and destroy our way of life. Past members of my family died in two world wars. I thank goodness that they knew nothing of the way their country – the country whose freedom they died for was being given away – the way it is now. And the BNP. OK they’re not perfect. But pray tell me what political party is??? However, they are the only ones that will give Britain back to the British. And I, personally, don’t have a problem with that. But you are right about Trevor Phillips. The only man that cannot be discriminated against in the UK, due the PC shite that we are forced to swallow and live by, is a white man. Also, it’s not a good idea to belittle yourself by criticising a man’s use of the English Language or indeed his punctuation. Sounds like clutching at straws to me. Finally. You will regret the fact that the BNP didn’t get the support it deserved when a Muslim Government gets in. Your way of life and your children’s and grand children’s won’t be worth living. Just read up on Sharia Law! Now I must apologise for waking you. You may now retire back to your sleepy hollow. But remember, It won’t help by keeping a watch out as the bastards are after you AND they WILL get you!!!

  8. @Dean. Thanks for calling me a b*stard, it really helps your argument. Merkel didn’t say that and I double dare you to prove otherwise (BTW, I follow German politics closely as yes, I’m shockingly married to an immigrant from that country). According to the paranoid nutjobs on the far right Britain should have already been islamified/whites should be in the minority, it didn’t happen and you’re peddling the same old rubbish we heard in the 70′s and 80′s. Feel free to not bother coming back. It’s not exactly hard to spot a BNP troll. Pathetic really.

  9. Interesting about what Merkel didn’t say. So it seems even BBC news can get it wrong. I sincerely hope you are right. So why is it that British police recently went off big time when someone burnt a Koran. I wonder how long it would take for the plods to turn up if I called them to say the bloke next door is burning a hundred bibles? Guess I won’t hold my breath on that one. If you – a lefty troll – can’t see where society is going, you’re not actually blind, but indifferent to the British way of life. Like so many who will not live to regret it.

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