Southwark council tax

Just really a post of sympathy to Jon Worth, who has been duly added to my blogroll for being up there in the higher strata of the political blogosphere, (he talks about serious stuff, not innuendo and tittle tattle crap) not to mention a good open sourcer.

He’s having a few problems with his council tax by his Tory/LibDem run council. I can fully sympathise, we had similar difficulties with our council tax up here at Walsall MBC which also used to be a Tory LibDem coalition, till the Tories took over of course and it’s even worse now. A wait in the OneStopShop is not for the faint hearted when it comes to irate punters getting rather miffed that their landlords are threatening to evict them because the council hasn’t coughed up the money.

One might think the council’s a bit on the skint side with all those payments due to staff it’s unfairly dismissed through poor managerial practices but that would just be cynical. However, it’s nice to know that Tory-Tory/LibDem run councils share such common problems. You never know, they might just share other similarities.

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  1. We all know the one thing that Walsall and Southwark have in common and it’s nice to see that she is keeping up the good.
    I’ll keep in touch over the next few weeks mate but it will be infrequently and my posts are likely to come over all Judith Chalmers.
    See you in a couple of weeks

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