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I’m doing a spot as a studio guest on a politics show from 7.00pm-8.00pm this Friday on Wolverhampton Community Radio which is broadcast on 101.8FM although I have no idea as to how large an area they cover.

I thought I should just qualify a few things. My taking part in this show stems from an invitation by a Tory in Wolverhampton called Matthew Revell. He’ll be hosting the show as it appears he’s trying to develop himself a career in the media so good luck to him. Originally he asked me if I would be interested in an internet radio show where we could discuss issues in greater depth than you would usually get in the mainstream media so I agreed. This moved on to Matthew securing a spot on an actual radio station but being the nice person I am I didn’t want to let him down.

I will be frank that I am somewhat hesitant over the format given that his original idea of a more in-depth discussion may well have been watered down to accommodate for the need to appeal to a broader audience. It’s a sit down ‘friendly chat’ format with the another guest who is Paul Uppal, another Tory and PPC for Wolverhampton South West.

I do hope it doesn’t become a replication of so many political shows where real in-depth discussion is discarded for a bland overview. Looking at the schedule I’m not sure how detailed we will be able to get on any particular issue but we will see.

I’ll add a final note. When Matthew mentioned to me that it would be a mainstream media broadcaster I was tempted not to say yes. I’ve always thought that there is something of the outsider nature about blogging, that it doesn’t cross over to the MSM despite the fact that some bloggers have deliberately used the media purely for the purposes of ‘getting on’. I blog because I enjoy it. If I stopped enjoying it, I’d stop. I didn’t start blogging to try and get myself a higher profile, nor to wangle my way into the media or any particular line of work.

That said, I hope I’m feeling a bit better tomorrow night. I’ve been getting the shivers tonight and have a sneaky suspicion I may be coming down with a Summer (yes, what Summer?) cold. So if I sound a bit ropey tomorrow, I do apologise.

2 thoughts on “On the radio

  1. I’m not sure WCR is quite mainstream media, in the sense that most people think of it.

    It’s a publicly funded community radio station set up in order to provide a voice for the city that wasn’t forthcoming from existing commercial media. There’s no budget, so no one’s getting paid to appear or work on the show. The show will still be available as a podcast.

    As for the format of the show … let’s see how it goes. This is the first show and something I’ve learnt from previous experience is that getting a good discussion going can be difficult when there are microphones around. So, there’s plenty in the schedule to ensure we’re not left with awkward silences.

    The format hasn’t been watered down to appeal to a broader audience. WCR has very little audience right now and the whole point of WCR is that it shouldn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator. If we can get good in-depth discussion going, then great. But, basically, give us a chance mate. It’s the first show and hasn’t even gone out yet, so it’s a shame to see all the caveats about your appearance.

    If you’re hesitant about the format, I’m open to suggestions. If you’re concerned that being on FM radio will cast your blogging motivations in a light other than you’d intended then, well, I don’t want you to feel compromised…

  2. I agree on the let’s see how it goes approach Matt. After all it is your show so I’m quite happy for you to lay things out in whatever way you please. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a naturally very cautious person and highly critical of everything, it’s nothing personal. Don’t worry about how I feel it might compromise my principles as regards blogging, if it’s not my sort of thing then I don’t have to do it again, but we’ll see.

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