3 thoughts on “Just a question…

  1. You seem very quiet about the Labours illegal fundding. You were very keen to fight corruption in the funding of political parties when Lord Ashcroft was involved, even though he did nothing illegal. Stange.

  2. Erm, isn’t that what you Tory bloggers are supposed to do? Didn’t see you say anything about the hypocrisy of your party waving the environmental flag while hopping around the world on a private jet. Do I drop by your place to criticise you for not mentioning it? No, not bothered, better things to do.

    Incidentally, nice to see you saying how great it was for David Cameron to be making that speech about Coops. Laughed myself to tears when Guido took a sideswipe at Ed Balls, blissfully unaware that it was Ed Balls who actually launched the policy, dutifully nicked from the Co-operative Party by said Tories.

    So, voted for the Black Country bid yet? Not a jot of support evident on your site yet. Come on, get behind something that will actually make a difference to us Black Country folk.

  3. Almost forgot, I’ve allowed it this once because I’m in a good mood but if you don’t supply a valid e-mail address next time then I won’t publish your comments, sorry, it’s only fair. You could after all be any anonymous nutcase pretending to be WestBromBlogger.

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