Coming out of hibernation

Blog’s been quiet for a few weeks. The culmination of being abroad with limited broadband access and suffering from a truly awful cough and cold that just wouldn’t shift hasn’t exactly put me in the right frame of mood for writing but barring lots of other increasing commitments, hopefully I can get some regular posting back up and running.

Regular readers will notice that the blog structure changed a bit before Christmas and the ‘recent comments’ section is still a bit screwy, as in the links to individual posts don’t work. There’s a bit of PHP scripting that needs sorting out which I’ll try to get round to when I have half an hour free.

New year’s are a good time for changes and fresh beginnings but pretty much this blog will carry on much as it has always done apart from one thing. I have a distinct desire to do more techie related posting. Partly impartial reviews of systems, software and hardware, but also as is evident the way in which technology affects and interrelates with both personal and public life.

Happy new year everyone.

2 thoughts on “Coming out of hibernation

  1. No idea mate what’s the specific problem you’ve been having? It won’t be anything akin to the issue I have. You are referring to Tygerland aren’t you and not one of your other sites? The reason for the dead links from my recent comments section is that the PHP script is pointing it to the old JD-WP blog structure instead of the new Mojo system. In theory I should just be able to replace the bits in the PHP coding that say ‘JD-WP’ to ‘Mojo’ and everything would work fine.

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