Am I missing something?

At the risk of being labeled a miserable old sod, especially being critical of something where children are involved but I’m a bit perplexed by this little competition being run by the Express and Star, well known local purveyor of quality journalism.

It starts like this. It’s the 50 year anniversary of the creation of arguably the most enduring children’s toy; Lego. Something to be celebrated in my humble opinion having given endless hours of playtime to both myself and now my own son.

The good old Express and Star is running a competition to win some Lego and encouraging people to send in pictures of their ‘creations’. Note the word creation in there and also in the same article ‘unique’.

Now move on over to the actual pictures sent in but a quick look through any catalogue or the online Lego Shop will reveal that six out of the twelve pictures of ‘unique’ ‘creations’ are in fact, off the shelf sets that anyone could knock up.

It’s hard to be critical when kids are involved and indeed the other six pictures contain some really good original and ‘unique’ Lego models, personally I like the first one most in terms of creativity but that’s just my humble opinion.

I do hope the old Express and Star does a bit of homework before they award the prize. Could be a tad embarrassing awarding it to someone who’s built a straight out of the box with instructions model.

One thought on “Am I missing something?

  1. Oh dear. I’ve heard about so-called ‘churnalism’ – where hacks simply regurgitate the findings/research/hard work done by others to quickly knock up a story, but as examples of lazy journalism this is hard to surpass. I don’t know what lego kits you can find on the shelves these days, but the Star Destroyer looks suspiciously like a manual job. If any of these creations win I will register a complaint ;)

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