Blog shutting down for a bit (probably)

That personal thing I mentioned.

Regular readers and friends will know that the Penguin household is expecting the pitter patter of little flippers in the near future. The second instance of this in our case and an arrival date being the hideously inconvenient date (for someone actively involved in politics) of May 1st (being polling day for this year’s local elections).

Pretty much everything was sorted, people who I know would be looking for my campaigning help had been informed that Mrs Penguin would kill me if I went out knocking doors on the day she was due to go into labour so that along with going to any counts had all been canceled.

Then last Thursday we went for what should have been our last scan and no going into details, there are a few problems. These have meant that some time in the very near future Mrs Penguin will have to spend some time in hospital along with the new arrival, I’ll have to take care of Little Penguin on my own for a week or two, or maybe longer alongside doing all the stuff that pays the bills and making daily visits to the hospital.

There’s a lot I’d like to write about, in particular how things are going with this whole Phorm thing but if anything, the last week has focused my mind on what’s truly important in life and much as I love it, this blog comes much lower in the order of priorities than other things right now.

I’m not off for good but if I don’t post anything after tonight for a month or so then you’ll know why.

Tata for now.


I’m actually going to post something tonight to try and clear up a few things I meant to do if I get the time, if not, well, see you all sometime in the future.

10 thoughts on “Blog shutting down for a bit (probably)

  1. Best of luck to you and the good lady, and look forward to your return. I had to look after my daughter for a while in similar circumstances. A bloody nightmare mate.

  2. Cheers Bob, looks like it’s not going to be today now but sometime very soon. Mrs Penguin is confined to rest on the sofa with the Nintendo DS.

    If nothing else I can always hang around Wolverhampton train station and the building sites on the Willenhall road; Little Penguin’s obsessed with trains and diggers at the moment. ;-)

  3. Congratulations on the imminent arrival and I look forward to your return when the small one isn’t eating regurgitated fish any more :)

    Btw, rockhopper or emperor penguin?

  4. Feeling very bad for not visiting PP.

    You’re on my RSS reader but I missed this post.

    I hope Mrs.P has a safe delivery. Thinking of you both.

    Aaron & Olga.x

  5. Thanks Dave, this one’s a little Empress ;-)

    Yes, shame on you Tyger, as you know all went fine and I’m confined to a few hours sleep a day doing the night shifts.

    Cheers Dave.

    Thanks Bel.

    Right, back to blogging.

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