I did forget to mention

On leaving Virgin, they helpfully follow up with another letter which rather nicely explains that they’ll be dropping round on so and so a date to collect their cable set top box, but hey, don’t worry if you don’t have it any more, they’ll just stick £250 on to your final bill.

Ahem, £250 for a Scientific Atlanta 4200 DVB box, not to mention it being second hand and well, second hand when I got it so at least third hand. Not accounting for the fact you can pick the things up for £50 on the net. Here’s a really good tip for Virgin Media. When trying to convince people at the last gasp not to leave you, don’t appear like a bunch of rip-off merchants in the process.

I wouldn’t mind if it was a particularly good bit of kit that didn’t consume more electricity than my desktop PC (which is considerably more useful) or throw out enough heat to warm up a room by a few degrees on its tod but to suggest it has that kind of value is laughable.

Thankfully I didn’t get tempted to bin it but while they’re at it, they can have their ancient Motorola modem back as well and I won’t be taking their advice that I keep it in my house just in case, I have no desire for it to clutter up my house anymore.