Changing times

Been quiet on the blog as of late. These prolonged silences are starting to get a bit of a habit I know.

There’s a very good reason and it goes something like this.

Been thinking a lot about the direction of the site and where I want it’s future to go as opposed to where it started out nearly two years ago.

Back then it was a bit of a pet project from a technical perspective and a desire to put a few things into the public domain, create a bit of user interaction and generally play around with some new bits and bobs.

It isn’t really like that anymore. I wanted at the time, a stronger ability to do core content presentation centred around a blog.

At the time I’d evaluated WordPress and found although a great blogging structure, it just didn’t do all the CMS (content management system) things that I wanted and a Joomla! solution seemed more apt. That said the core blog element on the site has always been underlyingly WordPress-ish, just ported into a larger CMS structure.

A lot can change in 2 years which is why in the not too distant future I’ll be closing down the site for a complete rebuild.

WordPress has come a long way since then and stands up as a pretty good CMS on it’s own these days.

There is a time element in all of this. 2 years ago the family was smaller, I had more time to do my own scripting and hacking around when things didn’t quite work properly. These days I’ve got more family commitments and a lot more workload to deal with which means I’m more inclined towards a simpler (for me) solution.

There’s still a temptation to just simply be different and use something like Drupal but manually hacking my MySQL database to get it into WordPress as a test the other night was enough work in itself.

It’ll take a while to do. I’m undecided on an off the shelf template, completely building my own from scratch or somewhere in the middle by cutomising another template.

Not to mention there’s a few HTML errors that have crept into the site that have been annoying me for a while and I’ve simply been too lazy to hack out again.