Walsall has a new political blogger

I’m sure I really shouldn’t be giving linkage on this one but those from round these parts will almost certainly have come across the name Derek Bennett at some point. Local Ukipper, I think even at one time he lived two streets away from me and lets say that he’s probably the antithesis of pretty much everything I believe in.

That said, I just came across his blog which has been going since August so he’s relatively new and half an hour is enough to catch up on his back catalogue of posts of which some are rip-roaringly funny, from my political point of view anyway.

Personally my favourites are the plug for a book about the Fourth German Reich which apparently is the EU although I’m sure that would come as a surprise to most Germans and I have to admit I’ve heard some emotive language used to describe Post Office closures but I think a ‘Post Office Holocaust’ is probably pushing the realms of reason a bit far.

That said, drop by, have a laugh, it cheered up my night. Right, back to work, important stuff to do.