I’ve been meaning to get round to a good mobile blogging solution for a while now but haven’t really had the time.
There’s plenty of options and strategies but partly my reason to switch to straight WordPress was based on a desire to get away from the slightly more long-winded approach to mobile blogging on the old system.
Unfortunately it would appear that anything above WordPress 2.5 doesn’t like either of my mobile browsers (box standard Nokia Webkit and Opera Mini) the former crashing on encountering the backed of the site and the latter not being able to select the content section for editing so I’ve been looking around for other solutions.
An interesting solution looked to be a little S60 app called Scribe but although others seem to have had success, it just doesn’t work for me although I’ll keep an eye on it if the Python issues are sorted out.
Finally I’m back to the web based approach with a little plugin called wPhone that simply re-renders the backend for mobile use and as I’m typing this here now it seems stable so without further ado lets try to post this and see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Experimenting

  1. You might want to consider Nucleus which has many plugins. One will take a suitably addressed email from you and post it direct to your blog. It wouldn’t surprise me if some enterprising soul has written one for WordPress as it is fairly straightforward php.

  2. Thanks for that Greg. Haven’t heard of Nucleus before but if I get a mo I’ll give it a whirl. From what you’re describing in being able to post to a blog via e-mail, this functionality has been available in WordPress for pretty much as long as I can remember through the use of cron jobs but for me the thing I was looking for was a more holistic backend admin approach.

    The problem with the e-mail approach is that it would be limited to text only unless you combined it with an FTP client for a mobile phone and then hand coded in the bits for images which sort of takes out the user friendliness objective. Technically possible but I would prefer to keep it simple, especially when using a mobile phone.

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