Pre-Budget Report 2008 LIVE (part two)

Right, we’re off. Has he had a haircut just for today?  Sky has a FTSE tracker running. Am I the only person that thinks that’s part of the problem? This is a time for the bread and butter of economics, no what a few sharp suited kids think they can swap shares for.

On to the real economics now.

Good to see we’re tackling not only economic problems but the causes of economic problems. More power to the FSA.

Fabricant told to shut up by the speaker, good show.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Budget Report 2008 LIVE (part two)

  1. It’s a rabble in there today, where’s the respect gone? Not for each other, but for the people they ALL represent. The opposition should STFU and listen, then tell us what they’d do differently, although I doubt they’ve actually got a clue.

  2. It was a bit disappointing in terms of the Tories behaviour. These are rather serious times when there are big decisions to be made that are going to affect millions of people in Britain. I’m sure the wider electorate would prefer a little more in the way of reasoned sensible debate and if they disagree then some alternative ideas.

    OK, the Tories don’t have every single bit of information at their disposal to formulate an alternative economic policy which plays true to all oppositions historically. However given the amount of cash Osborne’s got coming into his office to presumably do that sort of research and formulation it’s obviously not being well spent if all he can come up with are a few soundbites.

    I think perhaps he should get some people in his team that actually ‘do’ economics and not PR. There’s only so far that you can get with piffy words before actual substance is needed.

    He played it completely the wrong way today. For the last two months he’s been criticised as not up to the job both from within and outside of his own party and for someone who’s getting it in the neck for being light-weight and out of his depth the only way to hit back at those critics would have been for him today to come out all serious and intellectually heavy. Instead he played the public schoolboy debating society role and it showed. I think even the Tories were cringing at how vacuous he was.

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