Pre-Budget Report 2008 LIVE (part six)

Empty property exemption for small businesses. Curious one that.

Flexibility to spread tax payments for small businesses. I hink that’s just done the Tories in.

Helping SME’s to borrow and income guarantees for small exporters. This is looking rather good in terms of targeting policy where it’s needed.

More energy efficiency, please don’t rub it in Alastair, I know there’s a load of Kingspan boards waiting for me upstairs.

Amendments to aviation tax to tax long-haul more. Agree but want to see the details on this one as pollution wise short haul internal flights havea more negative impact on the environment.

Thank Alastair, more money for people to buy insulation, after I’ve already got it. Never mind.

Option to force energy companies to lower bills. More of wat really matters to normal people. A Mars Bar goes to the first person to coin this the ‘people’s (pre)-budget’.