Links of the week

I’ve not been blogging so much once again and against all the other projects and real life things on the cards I’ve made a decision that in the absense of having the time to do some good in depth researched posts then the least I can do is do a regular feature that I can stick to on at least a weekly basis.

So with that in mind, I’ve determined that at the very least I should do a weekly roundup of links to things that have interested me or passed my way.

Without future ado here’s the first batch.

For all the Penguin lovers out there.

More for all the Penguin lovers, wondering if there’s something particular I could get for Mrs Penguin.

As it’s on this weekend, I still think there should be a Team GB in this championship.

An excellent piece by Hopi Sen on how mind numbingly banal political media reporting has become. I wholly concur.

Interesting take on the non-committal nature of Chris Grayling Shadow Home Secretary.

More of a comment than a link, but personally Peter, I’d have knocked the twat out.

Can’t believe I haven’t experimented with this before but it’s ace. Barcode readable hyperlinks for mobile phones.

That’s it for now folks. In the absense of other posts, there will be another little list of interesting links sometime next week.