Me and my mobile phone

I’ve been tagged by Dave Cole with a meme. The task is to explain why your phone is your phone in exactly 139 words. For me a phone is a tool so my phone is mine simply because of what it does so I thought the best way to explain why it’s my phone is to say what it does/what I do with it. Here goes:

nokia-e90-communicatorThis is my mobile phone. It really is, if you look closely you can see how I’ve worn some of the chrome plating off the D pad through constant use. It is my little window on the online world, I read almost all my news on it, I even sometimes blog from it, I upload photos, geotag stuff and draw funny shapes on maps with it. It does e-mail nicely with html and images and everything.

It’s my default camera and can open all kinds of documents. It’s quite possibly more powerful than the desktop I had 3 years ago. I can watch movies on it and livestream video to the net which is nice. I can turn it into an encrypted wifi hotspot for the netbook. It also does Twitter and can send text messages and even call people.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t work for Nokia but I do truly love this phone which is quite possibly the best phone ever made. I will tag Tygerland and Mrs Penguin.

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  1. As you know, I have the same phone. I don’t work for Nokia either 🙂 but they did a really good job with the E90. There are a couple of minor changes that are needed – it’d be nice to be able to change which web browser opens by default, for instance – but they put together a great business phone.

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