BNP photo fail

You’d have thought by now the BNP would have got a bit wise when it comes to using pictures of nice happy smiling (decidedly white) families on their leaflets that it’s probably not best when trying to depict ‘British’ people, to use foreigners.

Not that they haven’t got form for it in the past, using Italian pensioners and the like but you’d have though they’d be clever enough not to get caught doing the same thing twice. Or perhaps they simply don’t have any members or friends and family who are reasonably aesthetically pleasing who are prepared to appear on their leaflets.

So, without further ado, I give you exhibit 1:

BNP leaflet

Fresh off the presses and being delivered in the Walsall North constituency today.

Now I don’t know if it’s just me. Call me picky if you will but for some strange reason, they just don’t look very British. I can’t place my finger on it, perhaps it’s the perfect pearly white teeth, the distinct hint of having a bit of a sun tan or the fact that it’s taken outside and there’s actually some sun about but this got me in the mood for a little Googling and what should crop up but this:

Exhibit 2:

orthodontics website image

An orthodontics practice in Missouri. Incidentally, the website is here. Now you’ll notice that it’s not an identical photograph, clearly a stock photo from the same set but definitely of the same people.

Now I guess they could be a bunch of Brits who have a penchant for nutty right-wing parties who happen to do a bit of modelling that ends up on American orthodontics websites but I’m betting it’s a bunch of American models, which begs the question, why are the BNP using them on their literature, all patriotic n’all as they are.

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  1. The BNP do use models on their leaflets sometimes – as do all other political parties, so why single out the BNP ?

  2. copy&pasted from bnp website

    * The BNP has also used model images for nurses, doctors, policemen and others in its literature because in some cases รขโ‚ฌโ€ the nursing profession, for example รขโ‚ฌโ€ it is illegal to use real persons.

  3. Rosy, the BNP claim is “people like you voted BNP” and then did not show people like anyone but orthodontic models in the US.

    That’s a big FAIL.

  4. It would be interesting to track down the stock-photo source as quite often there are model release license restrictions that forbid photos being used in political literature.

  5. I am no fan of the BNP, and abhor their policies but this is simply the case of someone probably purchasing the same image from the same stock library. If not, than its a case of copyright infringement, and should be tackled on those grounds.

    The point your making, that by using a stock library image somehow exposes some contradiction as their not using ‘proper british models’, could probably be levelled at almost every political party to some degree, and by extension every piece of advertising that uses retouched images to try and present a more credible story to consumers.

    The try and smear the BNP like this takes focus away from rigourously challenging their values on a moral and intellectual basis, which I believe is a much more valuable exercise.

  6. Trust me Walsall is a an absolute dump!! I know because I moved from a beautiful village in South Staffordshire for that hell hole. Any amount of money spent to improve Walsall is money wasted, I thank God I moved out and moved bk within South Staffs. Walsall was voted the filthiest town in the UK, so say no more. ROFL at the photo of happy, close knit family. More like on the dole/unemployed, crime ridden and disfunctional family!!!

  7. I’m not sure how the right-wing scum will go down in the socialist heartland of the People’s Republic of Walsall, hopefully they’ll lose their deposit.

    You’d have thought they’d have at least bothered to pick a stock image that was more representative of their support, but I guess there aren’t many portfolios of slack-jawed, hairy-knuckled no-marks to pick from.

  8. Rosy, I don’t think that anyone objects per se to the BNPs use of stock images, after all it is highly unlikey that a photograph of the usual BNP supporter and his or her family would enhance any publication it appeared in. The point is that the BNP, with its obsessive focus on keeping foreigners out and making sure that every penny earned in this country is spent in the country, is pretty stupid to use stock images of… foreigners!

  9. Rosy = FAIL.

    Rosy, why have you not jumped at this opportunity to mock the BNP?!?

    Whether other political parties do it or not is beside the point; at least those political parties, if they so desired, could find REAL people who wanted to put their faces on the front of their campaign material (sadly this includes parties such as the UKIP, too, but that’s another matter…)…

    Thankfully, however, this is just a fine example that Real people don’t want anything to do with the BNP, and that they have to find pictures of ‘normal’ looking people from other material to copy and paste it onto their stuff! This can only be a good thing, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief!

    It is also hilarious that the BNP think they can get away with using vaguely presentable and ‘normal’ looking people on the front of their campaigns, without realising that this is going to look immediately questionable.

    They should just stick with putting Nick Griffin on the front of all their material. This would at least show the true colours of the kind of people the BNP actually represent = ignorant scumbags of the earth who seek the devolution and disintegration of society as we know it today.

  10. So Rosy is the “pathetic smear story” all made up? Just like the holocaust where 6 million innocent people were slaughtered by like minded people as yourself? Oh no that never happened did it? Just Othodox opinion.
    The BNP is a joke to the worlds political system, your laughable.

  11. I reckon the fail here is yours. People who vote for the BNP are not going to do so on the basis of the models on their leaflet. This kind of “exposure” of the BNP is bit of a waste of time, it means nothing.

    I also think the rest of the exposure stuff done by the likes of Hope not Hate, Searchlight, UAF etc is also a complete waste of time. In fact that BBC gig that resulted in Griffin and Collet standing trial this apolitical approach was extremely counter productive.

    In the entire history of British fascism they had collectively got as far as saving one deposit in a parliamentary election. The BNP saved 34 in the 2005 election.

    This might sound like I’m having a go but I’m really not, you are anti BNP and I identify with that but this kind of thing does them no harm at all. Quite the opposite in fact.

  12. A few responses,

    @Joe&Ro, I presume you’re ‘Rosy’ as well as your IP address is the same. Pray tell the reason for giving an alternate name and e-mail address (which looks decidedly false) to leave more comments? If it’s a case of sock puppeting, then didn’t people grow out of that circa 2006 or at least get clever enough not to make it bloody obvious.

    @Barbara You answer Rosy/Jo&Ro’s question so no need for me to do so.

    @El Propheto! I can only speak for the leaflets that I have personally designed (which is far too many for me to want to think about) but in every case all images of ‘normal people’ have been just that. Regular members of the electorate who we’ve asked to appear and have no problems at all being pictured on a Labour Party leaflet. I accept that some public sector workers should be represented by stock photo/models on account of a need for political impartiality in their profession but the issue here is picture of happy family with caption “Why people like you voted BNP”. If anything it indicates the difficulty the BNP must have in getting any normal member of the public to appear on their leaflets.

    @H Johnson There are some truly awful bits of Walsall I’d agree with you on that but it’s not all that bad. Christ, I defended Walsall, must be sick.

    @Sabcat Indulge me a little fun at the BNP’s expense. If the objective of the article was to convince people to not vote BNP then yes, I’d agree that it would be a fail but that is not the intention. The way to beat the BNP is to campaign against them, many campaigns I’ve personally run have kept them out of seats they’d probably have won otherwise. I can guarantee I spend a lot more time doing proper political campaigning that includes fighting the BNP than the half hour it took to dig up this little piece.

  13. Somewhere, there’s a family of British models living on the streets because their jobs have been farmed abroad…

  14. “Vice: How old are you?
    Helen: 19. Wait, no, 18. 19 next month.”

    WOW! Stupidity seems to be a common streak through the voters of BNP, that’s not even one of the best ones from that Vice article.

  15. I think that many people are missing the point. If a group organise a political party that is intended to be exclusive, that is pandering to one ‘racial’ (sic) and or national group then it is in their own interests to carefully select imagery that represents that group (look at what the Nazis did with their blond imagery) However if the party randomly selects ‘attractive’ people from a catalogue of images without considering their ethnicity or nationality to make a political statement then the party should be taken to task as it reflects on the downright stupidity of their whole arguement – you would have thought that they would have learnt their lesson after the Polish Spitfire pilots – or do they think that their electorate are just stupid

  16. It’s highly likely that the depicted family are eastern european. That’s where a lot of stock photography, especially of people, is done because resources and talent are much cheaper

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