N900 Birmingham Meetup

You know how these things go, first it starts as me and a mate from Twitter, @_Nexus planning a pint in Birmingham to have a little geeky tinker with our Nokia N900’s.
Then tonight, a chance discovery that @MeeGoExperts is from West Bromwich and a suggestion he might like to come along too and the next thing we’ve got a whole load of people from as far away as Denmark coming along.
So within the space of a couple of hours we’ve gone from a quiet geeky pint to full on all invites meetup. The date is set for the 27th of March and we’re working on a time and venue with our own hashtag. Which incidentally is #N900BrumMeetup
If anyone is interested in coming along to play, learn or share N900/Maemo/MeeGo related geekiness then feel free. Most of the discussion is happening on Twiter so just look for the hashtag.