A little experiment in open engagement Co-op Party style

I’m going to try this, I don’t know if it will work but we’ll give it a bash.

Yours truly also happens to be heavily involved in the Co-operative Party, sister affiliated party to the Labour Party. Although not much is picked up on in the press, in recent years a great deal of Co-op Party policy has found it’s way into Labour Party policy and been implemented. It’s even been pinched by the Tories and passed off as their own.

Last year the Co-op Party became the first political party in the UK and possibly the world to pass a motion in the support of open source software. It wasn’t world changing and didn’t hit the headlines but I know because I wrote it. It was passed at the Annual Conference last September and to be precise, was written by me in October 2007 after having been a delegate to the previous year’s conference, picking up on a few things and having a think to myself.

So here we are this year and the Walsall Co-operative Party has the opportunity to submit another motion to annual conference. I won’t go into all the procedural ins and outs but basically we have to agree on a motion or motions on Monday 2nd February to fit into the time-scale for getting it through to national conference in September.

So instead of this being the usual small group of people I’ve decided to open it up and see what, if anything comes in. I know it’s short notice but spread it about a bit and we’ll see. You can either leave it in the comments section or if you’d like submit via the contact section.

I’ll need them for the meeting on Monday evening (7.00pm), I promise to raise them all for consideration. I can’t promise that they will be supported or that through the process they won’t be edited or refined but here’s a little chance to take part in the party political policy process.

Any motions should in general have a co-operative theme or be concerned with issues that the Co-operative Party concerns itself like social justice and mutuality.